Rajputana Corporation is a prominent name in the custom clothing manufacturers and exporters of fine-quality Sports Apparel ,Street Wear and Fitness Wear. With the changing  Apparel industry requirements, we are here to cater to you to achieve those. We can be a stepping stone for your achievements. Our policy is simple and straightforward: “Provide the customers what they demands, charge them with what it’s really worth & Promise a promise that can be fulfilled.”


Our Quality standards are high enough to get your satisfaction. Our business policies aim to ensure total costumers satisfaction and achieve this by ensuring consistency in the quality of our services.

Our Services

Private Labeling

We, as a quality clothing manufacturer, understand the importance of private labelling for a clothing brand. We provide a wide range of labelling options for all of your clothing needs at the best prices that making us one of the most reliable private label clothing manufacturers.

Cut And Sew Manufacturing

We at Rajputana Corporation understand the role that cut and sew manufacturing plays in different clothing needs hence we use state-of-the-art cut and sew methods to ensure that we meet the custom manufacturing criteria of our customers. A good clothing manufacturer is known due to the quality it offers; hence we ensure that we follow the global quality standards with our manufacturing methods.

Custom Screen Printing

We are home to the most diverse range of screen printing options in the market. We, as a good clothing manufacturer, ensure that all of the client’s screen printing requirements are covered by all means. Rajputana Corporation offers an exclusive collection of design options, including silk, flock, high density three-dimensional, discharge, puff, and glow-in-the-dark screen designs choices.

Our Vision

We stay committed to all of our endeavors, and to carry out our operations, we deploy a devoted team of professionals along with a specialized factory. Hence, when brands require apparel manufacturing services, we can provide them with resolute solutions that cater to their every pain point. In the end, you receive a service imbued with numerous competencies, including cost-saving, fluent communications, and character in every ounce of work that we produce for you.

Their proficiencies often grade custom clothes manufacturers in handling concerns regarding the quality of a product. We completely understand the case of accountability that can make brands apprehensive of our actions. To remove their anxieties, we provide them with a service that is supported by our know-how to manage a wide assortment of product types and target markets. Therefore you get to work with a service that keeps not only ethical and regulatory compliance in check but also performs comprehensive record-keeping to track continuous improvement proactively. Check out our Custom Made Shorts and see for yourself.

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